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The hassle of repairing or replacing car keys can be a frustrating process. Many keys/FOBs incorporate technology that requires expensive reprogramming to restore. Our Key FOB Replacement Protection relieves this stress by covering the repair or replacement of the key/FOB if lost, damaged, or stolen. This includes services such as reprogramming, battery replacement, and metal blade key cutting.


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Paint coatings protect cars from uncontrollable environmental conditions that can ruin the appearance of exterior paint. No matter how much you care for these coatings, it is still possible for outside elements to compromise their efficiency. In the event of such damage to your coated vehicle, our Exterior Paint warranty further protects you by covering for repairs. You are ensured that your car’s paint will be left with a clean and pristine finish.


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Many hours of the day can be spent driving, especially when a person is commuting or traveling. Car interiors are vulnerable to everyday accidents that can ruin their appearance and quality. Our Interior Protection plan protects against damage from spills, stains, burns, rips, and tears on all carpeted, vinyl and leather surfaces. Although these common mishaps are frustrating, you will now be given the peace of mind that your interior will be restored to its previous condition.


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Paint Protection Film is the ultimate way to guard your paint against all sorts of damage including annoying and unsightly rock chips. However, rocks and flying debris can still penetrate PPF causing significant damage. With our PPF protection, in the event that road debris penetrates your PPF and causes damage to your paint, we will cover these costly repairs as well as the reapplication of the PPF film.


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Minor dents and dings are often caused by unforeseen, irritating circumstances such as coming out of a store to find your car door has been hit. Insurance claims for these mishaps can lead to a deductible payment, out of pocket expenses and higher monthly rates even if it was not your fault. Our Paintless Dent Repair Protection provides customers peace of mind when dealing with these annoying situations by covering the repairs of dents and dings, restoring your vehicle to its prior condition. Owners no longer have to worry about dents and dings ruining the appearance of their vehicles.


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Headlights are an essential safety feature on cars because of their ability to make roadways optically clearer for drivers. Over time, the condition of headlights can deteriorate leaving them dull and chalky. Dull headlights can decrease a driver’s visibility which increases their chances of getting into a car accident. In order to ensure safer driving, our Headlight Protection covers the repair of damaged OEM headlights in the event that they become dull or faded. If headlight damage is beyond repair, we will replace the headlampAdditionally, a product will be applied at no cost to repaired or replaced headlights to prevent future dulling or fading.