In the world of towing, American made B&W Tow & Stow trailer hitches are renowned for their durability and functionality. However, even the toughest materials can fall prey to corrosion and wear over time. That’s where Phoenix Detailing steps in to ensure your investment remains in top-notch condition. With the application of an industrial ceramic coating, we offer an unparalleled solution to guard against corrosion, providing longevity and a pristine appearance for your investment.

The primary function of an industrial ceramic coating is to defend your trailer hitch against corrosion. Whether you’re hauling a boat, RV, or other heavy loads, your hitch is exposed to the elements. Rain, snow, road salt, and UV rays can all take a toll on the metal, leading to rust and deterioration. Phoenix Detailing’s industrial ceramic coating forms a protective barrier that repels water, contaminants, and UV rays, effectively shielding your hitch from corrosion.

Enhanced Appearance

Not only does ceramic coating protect your hitch, but it also enhances its appearance. A coated hitch maintains its shine and gloss, giving it a showroom-quality finish. Whether you’re towing a camper to the mountains or a jet ski to the lake, your hitch will catch the eye and reflect your commitment to quality.


Investing in a B&W Tow & Stow trailer hitch is a smart choice due to its strength and versatility. To make the most of this investment, you need to ensure it stands the test of time. Our industrial ceramic coating extends the life of your hitch by preventing damage caused by corrosion, scratches, and fading. It’s a long-term solution that pays dividends in the form of a hitch that looks and performs like new for years to come.

The Phoenix Detailing Experience

Your B&W Tow & Stow trailer hitch deserves the best protection available, and Phoenix Detailing delivers with its top-tier industrial ceramic coating service. Don’t let corrosion and wear diminish the lifespan and appearance of your hitch. Invest in ceramic coating, and you’ll enjoy a hitch that remains strong, durable, and visually stunning. Contact Phoenix Detailing today to safeguard your investment and elevate your towing experience.